What a great day for the first sail of 2015


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2 Responses to What a great day for the first sail of 2015

  1. Betty says:

    Looks like a great day. I’ve had problems commenting on blogs for a while and now I think it is working so will be able to comment on your posts. Facebook has been handy, but I tend to spend too much time there, so will give it a bit less time for a while:)
    Hope all well with you both. Betty

    • Hi Betty thank you for your kind comment, I hope all is well with you all over there, I like my blog site more than facebook I know it’s not so easy to leave comments and there is no like button but the images look better on my blog I see Sue uses both of her sites, we get pulled into facebook because it has so many users and we hope for better coverage I have moved over to instagram as it is a photo based site with some great images.

      All my best

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