A light dusting of snow on Bodmin Moor this morning

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One Response to A light dusting of snow on Bodmin Moor this morning

  1. Heiko says:

    What ever were you doing on Bodmin Moor Keith. A Very good picture but I am not keen at all with the snow, it`s 23.57 as I write this and it`s -1.7 degrees, I don`t like the cold.
    On one of your pictures at Looe you have a picture of a boat called “Our Daddy” FY7, do you know if anyone uses it, I took a picture of it last year, it looks unused.
    By the way you keep asking if we are oK, yes we are fine and doing well.
    I bought a Canon 7D last week but decided it was not really a good camera so took it back and got a refund, especially at £1,020.00.
    How are you getting on with WordPress.org, I have found with WordPress.com they keep adding little extras making it all the better, I could not get on with Blogger.com.
    BTW, I did end up with a new Fuji DSLR camera, I seem to have a thing about Fuji.

    Now I hope You and Julie are getting on fine and are keeping warm, its now 9 minutes past midnight and its -2 degrees. Brrrrrr.


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