Our Daddy of Looe

A couple of pics taken at Looe yesterday

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  1. Heiko says:

    After the comment I made earlier this week about “Our Daddy” FY7 thinking the boat was unused, with this image it does look used.
    Why do I make a fuss about this vessel “Our Daddy” I had to call my so called dad “Father”, my brother and sisters did not have to only me, and if I id not he would give me a beating, in fact he gave `Just Me` a beating when he came home drunk, and the fact that I would not do sports, I was the technical type , ie; electrics,electronics and what he called me “Arty farty” until I finally moved out when I was 20, taking a beating frim HIM seriously had an effect on me, I don`t tell people but tonight I had to vent myself. No He is not alive now, I no I did not attend his funeral.
    Thank You Keith for letting me vent myself on your blog, I feel better now.


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